Bubbles bubbles everywhere!

Bubbles are often my partners in crime… in a good way. They are great at promoting stress and anxiety reduction, not to mention, so much fun! So since this is my first post on therapeutic activities and bubbles are one of the go-to tools of a child life specialist, I’ve decided to give them the honor of going first.

Now bubbles can be utilized in a number of different ways and settings. For this post I am going to discuss the pros and cons of using bubbles in group play as well as some suggested guidelines. At the end, I have put up a kind of “recipe” for this bubble activity that includes suggested age range, tools, goals, and values. If you have anything to add, please don’t hesitate to comment!

This type of activity can be done with individuals of all ages, though as you might guess, infants and toddlers will need someone to blow the bubbles for them. The bare necessities of this activity includes bubble liquid and bubble wands. If you want to get creative bring out other objects that could be used to blow bubbles and encourage experimentation. Another thought is depending on the enthusiasm of the participants, an electric bubble maker might also be good. A word of caution, blowing too many bubbles at once can cause dizziness.

This is a good activity where participants can come and go as they please. For example, in a playroom setting, allow the bubbles to be a choice throughout the time the playroom is open, as long as someone is supervising the bubbles. It is important to note that if the activity is done on a hard floor such as tile, the floor should be monitored as well. The more the bubbles pop on the floor, the slicker it will get and could become a slip hazard. Another option is to have this activity outside in the grass or on concrete. If this isn’t possible, encourage participants to try and pop all the bubbles before they reach the ground and have towels on hand to spot clean slippery areas.

Bubble Activity Notes

Age Group: All ages

Materials needed: Liquid bubbles, bubble wands, electric bubble maker

To experience the emotional responses that bubbles can invoke
To encourage the child to move about the room or at least their hands in order to interact with the bubbles
For patients who can blow bubbles themselves, it will encourage them to take deep breaths and practice deep breathing
To encourage fine motor skills by catching the bubbles on their bubble wands

Therapeutic value of activity:
Exploration of tactile stimuli
Deep breathing
New skill acquired (if it is their first time blowing bubbles)

Comments or questions? Don’t hesitate to reply!

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