Medical Game App Review: Toca Doctor

Here’s a great app for your iPhone, iTouch, or Ipad that lets kids be the doctor or nurse. Players can perform many different simple procedures such as putting eye drops in an itchy eye or cleaning up a cut and putting on a band aid. There is one or two odd activities, for example, putting wheels back into the brain, so some things are not literal.

The nice thing about this app is that it is clean and the pictures are bright and non-threatening, as well as easy to navigate. You can check out a trailer of this app here:

Unfortunately, this is not one of the free apps, though if you are looking for a simple medical game for your younger kids, this is a great choice. Another great thing about it is while the games will eventually repeat themselves, it takes some time to get to that point. Has anyone else tried this app? What are your thoughts? You can check out the website here: Toca Doctor | Toca Boca.

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