Spiral Friendship Bracelet

It’s definitely time for summer camp in all areas of the U.S. so I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s activity to summer camp bracelets. This way you can bring some of the camp experience to kids who can’t go to camp. And believe it or not, boys often get into this as much as girls, just have an area of color choices (they really like making them with the colors of their favorite sports team!) I’m hoping to do multiple bracelet tutorials but to start off, I’m going to teach a very simple one.

I personally love making bracelets, there’s something soothing about tying the knots, fairly similar to knitting, crocheting, sewing, and so forth. What’s cool about bracelets is that they don’t take up much room, so you can stick it in your pocket and bring it out whenever you want to do it, no tools needed (once it’s started that is, you do need scissors to cut the string first!) In a way it’s almost like meditation for some, and others make a wish on their bracelet as they create it with the thought that after it falls off a wrist or ankle, the wish comes true.

Because of the way this blog is formatted, I had to put the pictures last, so here is the “recipe” for the activity, and then the step-by-step instructions!

Spiral Friendship Bracelet Activity Notes

Age Group: 7 and up

Materials Needed: Different colored floss or string, tape, and scissors

To allow a creative outlet
To start and finish a project

Therapeutic Value:
Achieve a feeling of accomplishment

Please note that this is a very basic spiral bracelet and you can do many different variations. I will show the basic knot and then give a few different ways to change it up a bit. The first knot is sometimes called a “forward knot” just in case you’re curious. The second knot to reverse the spiral is the forward knot but facing the other direction.

Spiral Bracelet 1

Step 1: Pick 2 colors of string. I used brown and silver embroidery floss.

Spiral Bracelet 2

Step 2: Divide the two strings in half in the middle

Spiral Bracelet 3

Step 3: Tie a knot in the middle leaving a loop.

Spiral Bracelet 4

Step 4: Tape the loop down to a sturdy surface.

Spiral Bracelet 5

Step 5: Make a number 4 with the brown floss creating an angle

Spiral Bracelet 6

Step 6: Keeping the 4 shape, cross the brown floss under the silver

Spiral Bracelet 7

Step 7: Cross the brown back over the silver floss again

Spiral Bracelet 8

Step 8: Hold silver floss still while pulling brown floss taut

Spiral Bracelet 9

Step 9: Pull knot tight so brown floss is visible, but not silver

Spiral Bracelet 10

Step 10: Continue repeating steps 5 through 9 until desired length

If you want to switch colors, follow the next few steps.

Spiral Bracelet 11

Step 11: If you want to switch colors, switch floss, with silver on top now

Spiral Bracelet 12

Step 12: Cross the silver floss under and over the brown

Spiral Bracelet 13

Step 13: Slowly pull on the silver floss, keeping brown still

Spiral Bracelet 14

Step 14: Pull the two colors taut, and return to step 11

Spiral Bracelet 16

If you want to reverse the spiral, switch the direction of the 4


Spiral Bracelet 17

Loop silver floss under and over the brown floss

Spiral Bracelet 18

Pull silver and brown floss taut with silver facing up

Spiral Bracelet 19

After tightening floss, note the way the knot is now facing

Spiral Bracelet 20

Here’s a picture of the finished product! Try it out and let me know how it works!

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