Blown Flower Art

Here’s an art activity that’s a workout for your lungs as well! Blown flower art was an activity that I found through pinterest and I really wanted to try it out. You can check out the original article here for ideas. Keep reading to hear about my experiences with this activity!

For this activity you will need paper (thicker paper does better. I tried printer paper, but I noticed that the paint sometimes bled through), paint brushes, paint (I tried water colors, but you can also try watered down tempera paint), water, and straws.

Blown Art 1

Start by dripping paint onto the paper…

Blown Art 2

and then blow on the paint through the straw to distribute the paint.

Blown Art 3

After much trial and error, I recommend blowing at an angle to the paper in the direction you want the paint to spread.

Blown Art 4

Blowing straight down gives you less control.

Blown Art 5

You can add colors on top of one another to create a more dynamic flower.

Blown Art 6

Once you’ve made your flowers, add green stems and leaves with a paint brush.

Blown Art 7

I like this activity because of the blowing component. This is great for anyone who needs to work on developing their lung capacity. It gives them a chance to work on their breathing in a fun and creative way, hopefully giving the exercise an entertaining spin as well as giving them a chance to create something in the process. It’s also great for people who feel they aren’t very artsy because this is a very abstract activity. It doesn’t need to be nice and neat, in a way, the more messy it is, the cooler it can become! What do you think?

Blown Flower Art Activity Notes

Age group: 4 and up

Materials needed: paint, paint brush, paper, water, and a straw

To allow a creative output
To encourage strengthening of lungs

Therapeutic Value:
Lung strength

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