No-Mess Finger Painting

This week I’ve decided to try an activity geared for the younger children, between the ages of 1 and 4. I saw this activity on apartmenttherapy, and I finally got the chance to try it out. The activity is great because it gives young kids the experience of finger painting without getting messy! (As long as your bag doesn’t burst of course!)

What you will need are different colors of finger paints, a large plastic ziplock bag, and some masking tape.

No-Mess Fingerpainting 1

The process is fairly simple, pick a few colors (I recommend 2 or 3) and put a dollop of each color inside the bag.

No-Mess Fingerpainting 2No-Mess Fingerpainting 3No-Mess Fingerpainting 6

Then zip it closed and tape the opening, to keep little hands from prying it open.

No-Mess Fingerpainting 7

Now you’re ready to hand your creation over to a little one to explore.

You can have them use their fingers to create shapes or maybe give them a toy car, block, or something else to create tracks or prints. Let them get creative with it! I recommend to put quite a bit of paint in the bag, I didn’t put enough paint in my bag, which made it harder to make prints or tracks with my hands. Also it’s important to still watch your little one while he or she is playing with the bag to make sure it doesn’t pop or rupture!

No-Mess Fingerpainting 8No-Mess Fingerpainting 9No-Mess Fingerpainting 10

No-Mess Finger Painting Activity Notes

Age Group: 1-4

Materials Needed: paint, zip lock bag, masking tape

Experiment with textile and color
Experiment with shapes and patterns
Experiment with creativity

Therapeutic Value of Activity:

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