Musical Slideshow

Due to the fact that I am studying for the child life certification exam tomorrow, this week’s therapeutic activity post is going to be short and sweet. The example I’ll be sharing is something that I completed a few years back for a school project, but I believe that it will still give you an idea of what this activity could look like.

The point of this activity is to take photos and create a slideshow with music that you can watch, either by yourself, or share with a group. What you will need is as many photos as you want to include in a digital format stored on a computer or a disk/drive/etc. You will also need a computer, a video-editing software (such as windows movie maker, windows live movie maker, etc) and the song you want to play along with the slideshow.

When creating your slideshow, consider what your theme will be. For those who are doing this activity with a patient in a hospital, perhaps the patient can take pictures of the hospital and create a slideshow telling his or her hospital story. If your participant wants to do something else, consider a life event, such as a birthday or graduation, or maybe a vacation or camp experience.

Once you’ve decided on your theme, it’s time to get fun creative with your video-editing software. Play around with the different was you can switch from one photo to another, you might have one disappear, bounce, or swivel, depending on what you want to do. Consider the mood of the music, whether or not it has lyrics, and where you want to emphasize certain pictures or parts of the song. Once you feel satisfied with the results, save the movie and enjoy!

Here’s my example of a musical slideshow. Keep in mind that I created it years back when I studied abroad in Japan. I was required to create something to represent my experiences and this is what I came up with. Notice how I used different ways to transition between pictures and I changed up the lens during one part of the song to mimic the change in tune. If you have any questions, or would like more assistance with using a video-editing software, let me know and I can add some screen caps to help navigate.

Musical Slideshow Activity Notes

Age Group: 10 and up

Materials Needed: Computer, song mp3, pictures in digital format, video-editing software

To allow a creative outlet
To allow a safe emotional outlet
To create a memory of an event or experience

Therapeutic Value of Activity:
Emotional expression
Legacy building

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