Medical Supplies Collage

So the therapeutic activity is a little late today, but better late than never, right? This one is on the more simple side, with less pictures, so let me know if you want more pictures! You might have seen this activity called other names, but basically what I did was take a bunch of different medical supplies and create a picture with it. So just like the last few weeks, this activity is not only therapeutic, but it also decreases sensitivity  to and normalizes medical supplies you might see in a hospital or doctor’s office.

What you will need is any type of medical supplies you can find lying around. For my example, I found cotton balls, tegaderm, tongue depressors, bandaids, hair net, mask, some leads, and those pink oral sponges.

Medical Supplies Collage 2

Then I also grabbed some markers, paints, glue, and scissors to help create my picture. And from there I used my imagination! The sky is the limit with this activity, so play around with the things you have and see what you can create. I thought it was super cool that the oral sponges make pretty flowers. Here’s my example!

Medical Supplies Collage

And that’s it! Got any cool ideas for this craft? Have you made something neat? Share in the comments!

Medical Supplies Collage Activity Notes 

Age: 4 and up

Materials Needed: Any medical supplies you can find hanging around. Also glue, tape, scissors, markers, and paints are also helpful!

Therapeutic Value:
Normalizes medical supplies
Increases creativity
Increases control

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