Window Art

This week I was presented with the problem of decorating a room made of windows without using paper. After a few trials and errors, as well as lots of help from my wonderful coworkers, I was able to find a great solution: clear contact paper and tempera paint.

We first tried the markers from crayola designed specifically for window art, but found that while some colors came out strong, other colors were difficult to see, no matter how hard we rubbed. Next we tried washable paint, but quickly discovered the paint flakes off at a fast rate. Then someone suggested using tempera paint, and someone else thought of clear contact paper. I combined the two and voila! We suddenly had a homemade version of the window clings you can buy at the store!

In addition to the clear contact paper and the tempera paint, you need some brushes to apply the design. I recommend you pull the back off the contact paper and stick it to the wall first. Then paint your design. Let it dry, and the you can leave it there or move it somewhere else. You can paint the design without removing the backing first if you want, but usually contact paper comes in a roll which makes it difficult to paint on when it keeps rolling up.

What makes this activity therapeutic is first because it gives people a way to express themselves both by creating it and by hanging it up as decoration. The downside to it is the clear contact paper isn’t see-through, so be aware. I also put a piece of the left over backing onto the corner of the contact paper to make it easy to pull the artwork off the window. The other cool thing is if you put a picture up on the other side of the window, you can trace the picture onto your contact paper! Works great if you’re trying to do a character and you’re not great at free-hand drawing (like me!) Let me know how it works out!

Window Art Activity Notes

Age: 2 and up

Materials Needed: Clear contact paper, tempera paints, paint brushes

Therapeutic Value:
Legacy Building (Memory making)
Fine motor skills

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