Children’s Museum Exploration: Life Flight & ED

A few weeks ago I decided to go check out the local children’s museum, specifically an exhibit that had recently been updated and also happened to pertain to child life. Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum in Salt Lake City, UT has a really cool exhibit on their roof. They have a life-size replica of the Life Flight helicopter that transports patients to hospital, including Primary Children’s Hospital. Kids can actually get in the helicopter and pretend to fly it, or sit in the back and help take care of the patient. In addition there is an area where you can work in dispatch, communicating with the helicopter.

Recently they added a new section to the exhibit: a mini Emergency Department. Kids can choose to work as an admitting nurse, a radiologist, or even a surgeon. They get to try their hand at CT scans, X-Rays, and surgery (using a iPad). When I went to check it out, I was blown away at all the different things the kids could do. The whole hour that I spent exploring the visit there were kids everywhere trying out different roles. I think that the exhibit was an awesome way for kids to explore the healthcare experience in the comfort of a fun learning environment. It’s also a great way for parents to start a conversation with their kids about medical experiences they’ve had in the past. If you ever find yourself in Salt Lake City, I hightly recommend you go check out this exhibit, and the rest of the museum while you’re at it. Learn more about it here:

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