Specimen Cup Snow globe

This activity was something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time and finally I figured out a way that would work! For awhile now every time I see a specimen cup (you know, the one they collect urine with) I think, “That would make a cool snow globe!” But I couldn’t come up with things in the art cabinet that wouldn’t melt when submerged in water. Until I remembered the model magic hidden in the corner! The fact that all we had was white model magic? Not a problem! Because I’ve got a trick that allows you to make all the colors of the spectrum with just a couple of markers! If your interest has been caught, read on!

Snowglobe Specimen Cup

To start, I’m going to explain how to make your model magic different colors. Grab a pack of markers (I find washable works fine) and a package of your model magic. Pick a color and the amount of clay you want to be that color. For example, I wanted some orange to make a carrot nose. I took the amount the nose was going to be and an orange marker. Squish the model magic flat, than color the orange marker on one side. Fold the pancake (marker side in) and color on the top side again. Fold again and color until you can’t fold anymore. Then start squishing the model magic, mixing the color into the clay. Continue to color and squish until you reach the color you want. Keep in mind that the darker colors will rub off on your fingers. When I was making the black clay it got all over my hands. But since the markers were washable, no worries!

Once you’ve got all the colors you want, start creating the scene. In my example I made a snowman. Keep in mind that the base of your scene is the underside of the specimen cup lid. Also make sure it’s not too big for the cup! When you’re done, let the clay dry in the open air (don’t leave the lid on!) After it’s all dry, add water and sparkles! Mine hasn’t dried fully yet, so I don’t have a picture of it with sparkles. When I do, I’ll update with pictures!

Snowglobe Specimen Cup

So, what do you think? Let me know how it went and share what you found!

Specimen Cup Snow globe Activity Notes

Ages: 4 and up

Materials: Specimen cup, model magic, washable markers, water, and glitter

Therapeutic Value:
Medical Desensitization
Legacy Building
Fine Motor Skills

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