Baby Face Game

Lately I’ve been doing many of my therapeutic activity posts on crafts for preschool, school-age, and teens. So today I’ve decided to talk about an activity for infants. These little ones do make up part of the hospital population and they are often the ones that are forgotten in terms of receiving therapeutic activities. There are probably many reasons for this. The one I hear the most is “Oh, he’s only a few days old so he can’t do anything yet.” This is far from the truth. Keep in mind that infants are developing and learning just like everyone else, they just go about it differently. Infants are very curious about the world, even when they are only a day old, to the point that just about anything can interest them. Which is great news, since this means that you don’t need to learn a fancy song and dance to entertain them (though infants would love watching you sing and dance!)

I hope to post every so often with activities for infants so you can add to your toolbox, but for today, let’s start with a simple activity. This one some of you might already know it, but for others who haven’t tried it, I have yet to see a baby who doesn’t like this activity. I learned this one from my mom who would do it with us (I distinctly remember that my little brother totally loved it when we did it with him) and she said she learned it from my aunt, but has also seen other people do it too. Remember though that some babies can easily be overly stimulated so change this activity accordingly to each baby’s needs!

Start by making sure that you baby is ready to play. Your baby should be awake but relaxed and calm. You’ll be touching your baby’s face during the activity so be aware of how much pressure you use. Remember that a light touch to a baby feels like a tickle because of their sensitive sense of touch, so make sure you a firm with your touch.

Say to your baby “Eyes” and gently touch the corner of one of your baby’s eyes

Say “Ears” and touch your baby’s ear

Say “Nose” and touch her nose

Say “Mouth” and touch her mouth

Say “Cheek” and touch her cheek

Say “Chin” and touch her chin”

Say “Hair” and stroke her head

You can alternate how fast or slow you do this activity and also the tone of your voice. Remember, simple is often the best and it’s okay to repeat the activity over and over again if your baby is still interested. Since this activity is so simple, you can do this with a baby as young as 1 day. Your newborn will not automatically understand that “Ears” mean the things on the sides of his head, but you are laying the foundation for language development which is very important!!!

If you liked this activity and/or would like to hear more activities for infants, please let me know!!!

Baby Face Game Activity Notes

Ages: 0-1

Materials: you and your baby!

Therapeutic Value:
Human interaction
Development of the senses (touch, sight, sound)
Language Development

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