Bandaid Bugs

So I’ve seen this activity on Pinterest and I’ve always wanted to try it, so today was finally the day I tested it out. Basically the activity is all about getting creative with bandaids. People have made some really cute bandaid creations and I have to admit, it’s very fun. If you would like to see how others have done this activity, you can check out No Time For Flash Cards. Otherwise, here’s my version of this crafty medical activity.

I started with some construction paper, skin colored bandaids, gauze, glue, markers, and some sparkles, as well as some silly eyes.

Bandaid Bugs

Next I took a piece of gauze, pinched it and stuck it to the construction paper with a bandaid. Then I added some eyes and a little mouth.

Bandaid Bugs 2

Then I added some fun colors and sparkly pretties (as we call them at work).

Bandaid Bugs 3

I tried out doing the bugs different ways. I did one where the gauze was the body and the Bandaids were the wings.

Bandaid Bugs 4

I also tried a more butterfly look by using 2 pieces of gauze.

Bandaid Bugs 5

Here’s the finished product! I decided since I used black construction paper that I needed to add some fun stars!

Bandaid Bugs 6

This is a great activity since it uses general medical play and helps desensitize some of the bandages that kids see in the hospital. It also uses creativity which is important to grow and develop at all ages! I also like it because it’s not too invasive, so kids who might not be too excited to do intense medical play could find that this activity is a good starting place.

Bandaid Bugs Activity Notes

Ages: 2 and up (younger kids would need adult assistance)

Materials: paper, bandaids, gauze, glue, markers, and if you want, sparkles, silly eyes, or anything else you can think of.

Therapeutic Value:
Medical Play

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