Playfulness Plan

I wanted to share this really great post from Prescription for Play about the importance of play for everyone. Zoe McCoy speaks about how she incorporates play into her own life as well as some of the benefits she received from completing the Life Is Good Playmakers training. I definitely want to one day complete the training myself, it sounds awesome!

She also gives some good questions to help others create their own playfulness plan. I recommend this article as a great way to start thinking about how much play you engage in. You might be surprised that you are more playful than you think! And you might find new ways to become more playful!

prescription for play

Jeff (my husband) and I had a very nice weekend, with a particularly great day on Sunday.  The weather here in Houston was gorgeous: blue sky, sunny, cool, and with little humidity (a rarity here). We went out for breakfast and decided to go for a walk in Hermann Park.  We ended up exploring a new piece of art in the park Boogie Woogie, a house-like sculpture made of bent saplings by artist Patrick Dougherty.  We rented a paddle boat, said hello to the ducks, and used our zoo membership to walk over and see my favorite animals, the elephants.  It felt like such a perfect day, and it made me think again about my own need to play.

A little over a year ago, I participated in an awesome weekend training with the Life Is Good Playmakers and became a certified Playmaker.  It was a wonderfully restorative…

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