Valentine Heart Chain

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us which means that hearts are the center of attention right now. If you’ve looked at Pinterest lately you’ve probably noticed an enormous variety of Valentine’s Day crafts. So far I’ve tried out a couple and even experimented with combining a few ideas to create my own. The latter resulted in today’s activity.

I’ve been seeing these cool Valentine heart garlands all over the internet and I wanted to test it out myself. My favorite example of how to do the garland is from just bella (click the link to check it out), I really liked the pictures showing the step-by-step of how to do it. I also saw this cool idea of making a countdown chain to Valentine’s Day, similar to the way you sometimes countdown Christmas with elementary school kids from Over The Big Moon (for some reason their website isn’t working, so here’s the link to the pin on Pinterest). What I love about the countdown chain idea is on each link you write something you love about the person you are making the chain for. I combined these two crafts and came up with this fun activity that we’ve been doing over and over again this past week.

Start with construction paper in the color that you want your chain to be. Cut 14 long thin strips (around 1 inch) of paper (I found that thinner works better than thicker). On each strip of paper write something you love about either yourself (if you are keeping the chain) or someone else (if you are making it for someone else)

Heart Chain

Next fold one strip of paper in half and staple the folded end together:

Heart Chain 2

Take the other end of the folded strip and pull the two pieces away and down from each other to make a heart shape:

Heart Chain 3

And staple the two ends together at the bottom:

Heart Chain 4

This should be your result:

Heart Chain 5

Continue making the hearts from the strips, making sure that you link them together before you put in the second staple at the bottom point of the heart. You finished chain will look like this:

Heart Chain 6

Valentine Heart Activity Notes

Ages: 4 and up (younger kids will need adult assistance)

Materials: paper, scissors, writing utensil, and a stapler

Therapeutic Value:
Legacy Building

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