Dream Catchers

I’ve got a new step-by-step craft today, and it’s one of my favorite childhood activities: dream catchers. There’s a chance that some of you are wondering what therapeutic value dream catchers have. As always, making a dream catcher gives you the chance to be creative by choosing what colors to use and how you will decorate. But you can go a step further and have a conversation with your child(ren). You can start by asking what kind of dreams they like and what dreams they don’t like. Then have them talk about things they do to help decrease fear and anxiety when they have dreams they don’t like. You can also introduce the idea that the dream catcher isn’t just for dreams. They can imagine the catcher catching bad thoughts and sending only good thoughts through the dream catcher.

Are you ready to get started? What you will needs is 2 different types of string, a hoop (any size, any shape. You can see that I used a flower shape), and things to decorate (beads, feathers, shapes, etc). In the example I’m showing here, I’ll be taking a “loose parts” approach, which is the idea that I am using random things I have. So this one isn’t going to look like the dream catchers you buy in a gift shop!

Dreamcatcher 1

Start by tying one of the strings to the hoop, leaving a good 6 inch or so end.

Dreamcatcher 2

Wind the string around the hoop, covering the whole hoop and tie when you get back to the starting knot.

Dreamcatcher 3

Tie a different string to the hoop at the same place as the other string

Dreamcatcher 4

Then begin to loop the second string around the hoop at even intervals.

Dreamcatcher 5

Once you make a full circuit, loop the string evenly to the middle of each first loop of string.

Dreamcatcher 6

Continue to loop the strings together until you get to the middle. Then add decorations to the strings hanging off the hoop and you’re done!

Dreamcatcher 7

Dream Catcher Activity Notes

Ages: 5 and up

Materials: Hoop, 2 types of string, beads, feathers, and any other decorations you want

Therapeutic Value:
Expression of feelings

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