The Power of The High School Dance

The Power of The High School Dance

Here’s a great article by the Tampa Bay Times highlighting an awesome event that All Children’s Hospital does for it’s teen population. School dances like Homecoming and Prom are more than just a chance for teens to get dressed up in the latest fancy fashions. It’s also a milestone for them and for teens who spend more times sick and in the hospital, it’s a chance for them to feel normal and part of their peer group. This article talks about how encouraging celebrations for teens like a homecoming party at the hospital promotes normalization and also a chance to socialize with peers who are also dealing with the difficulties of the medical experience. Not to mention I love how the article highlights how the teens get a chance to look forward to going to the hospital for once, which makes the hospital seem less intimidating and more inviting. I highly recommend this article, especially if you work with the teen population!

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