Bringing the Wild to the Hospital

Today I wanted to share with you a cool article about what zoos are adding to the hospital experience. San Jose Mercury News featured a great piece about a new trend happening with bringing more excitement and fun to kids in the hospital.

As you probably have heard, animals can play a huge part in the healing environment of the hospital. Many hospitals now have “pet therapy” programs where dogs and sometimes other animals such as miniature ponies come visit patients in the hospital. It has been shown that these programs benefit patients in many ways, including allowing them to have fun, relax, and do something “normal”.

But what about those who like other animals, or want to learn more about exotic animals we might not see in our day-to-day life? Normally those people would go to the zoo or aquarium, but hospitalized patients don’t have that luxury. The solution? Technology. By using cameras and TV, patients in many hospitals can now watch programs that take them to the zoos and aquariums. This has been catching on all over the country and I can’t wait to see where it goes! To read the article and learn more, click the link here. Or paste this in your web browser:

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