Monthly Book Club: The Answer Dog And The Doctor

I’m super excited that it’s May, because that means the weather is getting warmer!!! It also means that I’ve got our monthly book spotlight for you all!

This month I wanted to share the book “What To Expect When You Go To The Doctor” by Heidi Murkoff.

What to expect book

Angus is the “Answer Dog” in this book as he takes readers on a trip to the doctor and answers commonly asked questions kids have. Also Angus offers tips on each page regarding how to make it easier at the doctor or things to try and practice at home to learn more.

I like how simple and straight forward the book is formatted. Also the language is nonthreatening and very appropriate for children of all ages. Another nice thing about this book is each page is centered on a specific question. Thus you can read it from start to finish, or pick and choose which pages to read. You could even mix the pages up or read just one page, if your child has a specific question.

Finally, there is a great letter to the parents which gives more ideas and suggestions about helping children cope with doctor visits. I really like how the author encourages medical play, even taking your own pretend medical kit with you to the doctor. This is a great book and resource to add to any collection and I highly recommend you check it out!

Book Snapshot

Title: What To Expect When You Go To The Doctor

Author: Heidi Murkoff

Subjects: Doctor, Health, Well Child Check-Up, Healthcare, Medicine, Patients, Feelings,

Ages: 3-10

Therapeutic Value:
Language Development

Questions to ask while reading:
What is your favorite thing about the doctor?
What is your least favorite thing about the doctor?
What does it feel like when the doctor… (pushes on your belly, looks in your ears, etc)
What are ways you can decrease anxiety or pain? (For example, how can shots be less scary?)

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