Surprise Trick Ring!

Trick Ring 1

Today I’ll be sharing with you a fun activity that also doubles as a prank for the mischievous individuals. I came up with this craft while looking for activities that could be done on April Fool’s Day. I saw a do-it-yourself prank ring on Pinterest and decided to alter it for a hospital playroom. You can see the craft that gave me the idea here at

The craft itself is fairly simple. First collect the following items for your ring: 2 different colored pipe cleaners and a toothette. If you want, you can also grab a jewel, button (like they did on or something else to create the design on the ring. Note that you might need glue to secure your item if you aren’t using a second pipe cleaner to make the design.

Next, take the toothette and pull the sponge off the stick. It might take a bit of muscle, but I promise it will come off. Don’t worry if some of the sponge stays on the stick, just make sure that you don’t rip the sponge clean to the center.

Take one of the pipe cleaners and thread an end through the sponge, and make a loop that will fit your finger. Twist the loop closed, then using the other pipe cleaner, twist a design (like a flower, or a star). Make sure you leave some ends so you can twist the two pipes together. Now you should have a circle with the design on one side and the sponge on the other. Here’s a different picture of what mine looks like with a better view of the loop where the finger goes:

Trick Ring 2

Now it’s time to trick someone! Get the sponge wet, then slide the ring onto your finger, making sure that the sponge is on the inside of your hand so no one sees. Find an unsuspecting bystander and shake his or her hand. Surprise! Wet hands!

I’ve seen kids have so much fun with this activity. It’s a great way for them to be silly and laugh, which is a great way to release stress! One thing to note though, because the sponge is against the trickster’s hand, both individuals will get wet. This might be a surprise to kids at first, but from what I can tell, they don’t mind. They just keep finding more people to trick!

Try it out yourselves and let me know what you think!

Surprise Trick Ring Activity Notes

Ages: 5 and up (younger children will need assistance)

Materials: Colored Pipe Cleaners and a Toothette

Therapeutic Value:
Medical Play/Exploration

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