Cuddlers Here To Soothe The Babe

It’s Wednesday, so I’ve got another tidbit to share with you. This time it’s an article from where a particular hospital volunteer program is featured.

Quite a large number of children’s hospitals have a program that features volunteer “cuddlers”; individuals who touch, hold, rock, sing, and support premature infants in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU). This article features interviews with multiple volunteer cuddlers from different hospitals across the country. I really enjoyed reading their perspectives of the program and why they decided to join.

The article also talks a bit about the benefits of cuddler programs both for the development of the infant as well as for the family who is unable to be at the bedside all the time. If you’re a baby person, I would recommend you check out this article! You can read it by clicking the link here. Or pasting the address in your web browser.

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