Support In Your Darkest Hour

This week I wanted to share with you an article from the Mayo Clinic highlighting the role of Child Life Specialists, as well as Social Workers, when a patient has died. Sometimes when I explain the different aspects of my job people are surprised when I mention that I assist families during a trauma or a death of a loved one. But when I go on to explain my role in helping families cope with the grief and loss, they often comment on how awesome it is. While helping families cope with a death can be emotionally draining, I’m glad that I am able to provide even a little support in someone’s darkest hour. I really liked the Mayo Clinic article because I feel it does a great job of giving a snapshot of things Child Life Specialists do for families grieving from a death. It also talks about the importance of involving siblings because they are a part of the family and have emotions that need to be supported as well. You can read the article in full on the Mayo Clinic website here. The full web address is:

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