Monthly Book Club: Baby Faces

Happy New Year to all my wonderful readers!!! I hope that you have all had a wonderful New Year and a restful weekend. It’s the first Sunday of the month along with the first Sunday of the new year, so I thought we would do a spotlight on a book for all the new year babies! And it’s not just any book. This is a top favorite book of mine to use with your 0-1 age group (I also believe Pat the Bunny is a must have for your newborn’s library, but that’s a whole other blog post).

Look at those cute faces!

Look at those cute faces!

The reason why I love this book so much is because it has pictures of baby faces (Hence the name “Baby Faces”). You might wonder why I’m interested in a book with pictures of baby faces. And while I’ll admit that I enjoy looking at pictures of babies (Who can’t say no to a cute Anne Geddes calendar for Christmas?) it’s actually for the baby’s benefit. Babies brains are wired to be interested in the human face from before they are born. It’s part of what helps them bond with their parents. Studies have shown that when offered different things to look at, babies look at faces longer than other objects. In addition, babies are more interested in looking at a real face versus a drawing of a face. Kind of cool, huh? Explains a bit more why babies are so interested in Peek-A-Boo, right?

This book is full of mainly close-up pictures of babies showing different emotions on their faces, ranging from happy, sad, angry, sleepy, and more. Each page has one or two words that goes along with the emotion being showed. This is nice because the book is short enough for a short attention span, but at the same time is away to introduce the baby to language and the concept of a book. (On a side note, I have had to teach preschool children how to hold a book the right way up, so I recommend introducing books earlier rather than later) The book also comes as a board book, so it is sturdier for little curious hands.

The other thing I like about this book is since it is so short, you can easily memorize it. Often when I don’t have the book handy, I recite it to the baby while making up my own faces. Thus the baby is not only being introduced to language, but he or she is engaging with another human and learning about making eye contact, emotions, and a host of other things.

From a Child Life point of view, I also use this book during procedures. It’s a great tool to use for distraction during tests that require the baby to lie still. Also logistically, the book easily fits in my distraction bag! I will often give the book to the parents and encourage them to read to their child as well. I totally recommend this book for any newborn. Try it out and tell me what you think!

Book Snapshot

Title: Baby Faces

Author: DK Publishing

Subjects: Babies, Emotions

Ages: 0-2 years

Therapeutic Value:
Language Development

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