At The End Of The Rainbow

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! I’ve tested a great craft for you that you can do on this fun holiday! You may have seen this craft make it’s way around Pinterest, and I’ve been meaning to try it myself. It’s a super simple craft but I learned a few things along the way that I wanted to share with you all.

Rainbow & Pot of GoldThe basic idea of this craft is a rainbow chain ending with a pot of gold. It’s fairly straight forward, but I did find that the pot of gold part of the craft can get a little complicated to long, depending on the route you take. But first, the items you will need is as follows: construction paper of all the colors of the rainbow, along with the color black. A pair of scissors, a pencil for tracing, and either tape, glue, or a stapler. Note that the stapler is the quickest method for this activity, followed by the tape. If using glue, make sure you hold pressure for a few seconds to a minute until the glue sets. (Note: For younger children or individuals who aren’t able to use scissors, cut the paper before hand and have participants assemble)

Rainbow & Pot of Gold 1The easy part is making the rainbow chain. Using the glue, tape, or stapler, make a link chain with the colors. You can follow the Roy G. Biv format to make your rainbow, or you can get creative. The construction paper packet that I had didn’t have purple in it, let along indigo, so I used pink instead.

The slightly trickier part is the pot of gold. First sketch and cut out your pot. Next decide if you want to cut lots of little coins from the yellow paper, or sketch a coin pile and cut it out as one piece. I did try both. I found that making your little coins is time consuming, but great for fine motor control, and also making the activity longer (if you need to draw it out). Drawing a coin pile is quick if you are comfortable sketching. I would recommend that you actually sketch the coins out and have them overlapping to add some depth to the pictures. The upside to this method is you only have to glue one piece, instead of multiple coins. It all depends on what you want to accomplish with your participants.

Rainbow & Pot of Gold 2Once you have your pot of gold, take another strip of paper (your color choice) and fix it to the back of the pot of gold in a loop.

Rainbow & Pot of Gold 3Finally, connect your chain to the pot of gold. Make sure that if you make the chain first, you leave the last link open in order to connect the two!

Rainbow & Pot of Gold 4You can tie a piece of string or yarn to the red link and hang it from a window, door, or where ever! Enjoy!!!

Rainbow & Pot of Gold Activity Notes

Ages: 2 and up

Materials: construction paper, pencil, scissors, and glue, scissors, or stapler

Therapeutic Value:
Fine Motor Control

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