Ripped Mosaic Art

How’s everyone doing today? Did you all have fun, exciting Fourth of July’s? I hope so!

Today I’ve got a fun and simple activity to share with everyone, though this time I can’t take credit for it. My wonderful student came up with this for one of her assignments. I tried it out with the other patients and it’s a great therapeutic activity.

What you will need is different colored pieces of paper, a pencil, and glue. Yep, that’s it. Simple, right? First draw a shape on one of the pieces of paper. It can be super simple, like a heart or a star. Or it can be more complex, like a bird, cat, or a person.

The next step is to create scraps of paper from the different colored sheets you have. Choose the papers you want to color your picture with. Rip up the pages into tiny pieces. This is my favorite part. You get to take some aggression out on the paper when you rip it. Great activity for those who have pent up emotions!

Finally, glue the ripped paper where you want it in the shape you drew, just like you would do in a regular mosaic picture. You can make patterns or designs with the ripped paper, or you can just glue it all randomly. Here’s my finished product:

Ripped Mosaic Art

Pretty Butterfly!

After you let the glue dry, you’re all done! Pretty simple, right? I hope you give it a whirl and let me know how it turned out!

Ripped Mosaic Art Activity Notes

Ages: 3 and up

Materials: colored paper, pencil, and glue

Therapeutic Value:
Fine Motor Control
Aggressive Play

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