My Magic Glitter Wand

Today I’ll be sharing another tool that I have in my trusty distraction bag. My special, amazing, magic wand!

Glittle wand 1Yes, this is actually what I often tell my preschool patients sometimes. It does a great job of getting them excited about what I’m pulling out of my bag. I ask them, do you want to see my magic wand? And usually their eyes get big and they nod enthusiastically. Glitter wand 3

Now I will note that the glitter wand’s main draw is that you watch as the glitter slowly falls down the tube. This novelty doesn’t exactly last very long with kids who have short attentions spans. So I often pair the glitter wand toy with another distraction, like bubbles. I’ll give the wand to the child and then blow bubbles, telling the child to see if he or she can pop the bubbles with the wand.

I’ll also use the glitter wand to change up the novelty of a toy like the light-spinner. After the child has explored the light-spinner a bit, I’ll introduce the glitter wand and tap it again the light-spinner, making different sounds.

Glitter wand 1

I believe you can never have enough glitter wands! Or maybe you can, but if you have a few glitter wands, you can trade them out. I also like the different sizes. I keep one large one in my bag and one small one in my pocket with my pen. So if I don’t have my bag, I still have one in my pocket! What types of glitter wands do you like?

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