Give The Two-Year-Old The Bubbles!!!

Hi everyone! I’m back with another item from my distraction bag to share with you all! I know when I first started this blog two years ago one of my first posts was about the therapeutic benefits of bubbles. I wrote mainly about using bubbles in a group setting, so if you want to read that post, click here. Today I’m going to touch on how I use them for distraction with patients one-on-one.

First I want to say that I have a wide collection of bubble containers. My ID badge has a small bubble tube hanging from it and I have a small bottle that fits in the pocket of my scrubs. I have a huge industrial size bubble bottle that I use to fill up my mini bottles. I also have one of the really long thin bubble wands that makes those gigantic bubbles which the kids think is really cool and fun to play with. At the same time I’m careful when I use those because they make a mess really easily by dripping everywhere. On the flip side I have a really awesome bubble container that is spill-proof!


Yep, you heard me, spill-proof! I don’t know how many times I have two-year-olds who want to hold the bottle themselves and then they are either unhappy because I tell them no or they dump the liquid out by accident. When I give them this bottle, they are so excited. And after the parents get over the shock of what I just give their child, they’re super excited too. You can see that the top is made specially to keep the liquid inside.


As for how I use them to distract the kiddos, the opportunities are endless! It’s always great if you can get them to blow bubbles themselves because then they’re taking deep breaths and distracted! But if you’ve got someone who is a little too stressed or doesn’t understand how to blow bubbles yet, you have other choices. I like to catch the bubbles with the wand and either have the kids blow the bubble away or pop them with their fingers. Sometimes you can pop the bubbles with something else, like a glitter wand or a toy. I’ve also gotten pretty good about sliding the from the wand to the light-spinner without the bubbles popping. The kids thing that’s a cool trick. I also will pretend to eat the bubbles, or sing a song about watching them pop!

What about you? Do you have any fun tricks or games you play with bubbles?

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