App-tastic Support: Ninja Time!

Last week I shared my top played game on my tablet. This week, I’ve got another popular app that you all probably know. Can anyone say Fruit Ninja?

I feel like the Fruit Ninja game has been around for a really long time. Like, from when they started making things called “apps” for your phone. Or at least, that’s when I first noticed the game. I like Fruit Ninja because you only need one finger and it’s a super easy game to pick up. Just slice the fruit.

I also like it because there is a 2-player mode. If I have someone who needs a little bit of encouragement to play the game, I will play with the patient in 2-player mode. Or I will just start playing the game on 1-player and the patient often will start playing with me.

There are a couple of different versions of the game, including zen and timed trial. I like the one that gives you a time limit as opposed to the one where you try not to hit the bombs. The former is a little bit easier to stay in the game for a longer time. The latter on the other hand is often played through a bit quicker but we haven’t finished the blood draw yet.

What do you think about Fruit Ninja? Would you say it’s still as popular as it was when it first came out? Leave a comment!


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