App-tastic Support: Pet Spa Day

Continuing on the discussion of my favorite and popular app, this next one is for your preschool and school-age girls, though sometimes the boys like this app too. It’s called “Disney Princess Palace Pets” and it is an easy app to load and navigate. When you need something fast, I find that this app pulls up quickly and as far as I can tell, doesn’t need an internet connection once it’s downloaded. This is great when you have spotty wifi.

I also like it because it’s simple enough for the younger kids to play yet has enough to do to keep things interesting. It’s also free to download and there are no ads that pop up. It’s true that certain pets need to be unlocked by buying them, but there are enough free pets to keep you occupied during a procedure.

I also give it brownie points because what girl doesn’t like at least  one of the Disney princesses? It’s a great jumping off point to build rapport with the patient. If the patient would rather just watch me play the game, or needs help, it’s an easy game to play sideways or upside down. Which is often the case for child life specialists, am I right? Anyways, if you haven’t already, I definitely recommend that you check this app out. It’s worth it!

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