App-tastic Support: My Lego Car

Last week I talked about a young kids app geared towards girls, so this week I wanted to share an app geared towards boys. But for the record, I have had both girls and boys play both apps, so they aren’t strictly for just one gender. But I digress…

This app is created by LEGO Systems, and while there are lots of free apps to choose from this seller, “LEGO Juniors Create and Cruise” is my most chosen app from all the Lego games that I have on my tablet.

I like this app because it is easy to play for the younger kids. There are lots of choices to create your vehicle, but it presents the choices in a simple, step-by-step format. It also has prompt arrows to show the kids how to play the game. There are lots of apps out there that are difficult to manipulate and the kids get frustrated very easily. But the Lego Juniors app is simple enough for a 3 year old to use, but with enough choices that it will keep a school-age child engaged for a least the length of a blood draw. For longer procedures, older kids usually get bored with the app though, so makes sure you have other choices.

My other favorite thing about the app? It requires you to keep your finger on the green arrow to make the car go (unless you pick the car that has feet instead of wheels… anyways). Why do I like this feature? It requires the child to keep their finger on the tablet instead of reaching over and putting hands where they shouldn’t go. 😉

Along the same line, it is simple enough that if I need to help play the game, I can do it upside down, and sometimes not even looking if I can’t get a good viewing angle. So two thumbs way up for ease of access. And did I mention it’s free as well as no ads? I don’t know how many times the pop-up ad is accidentally clicked and I waste precious seconds (or minutes) trying to undo the chaos.

For those of you who are looking, you can get the app for both Apple and Android. Try it out and post what you think!

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