New art project for all of you as spring is in the air! (Or at least, it is where I live, we had to turn our air conditioner on this week!) I wanted to share a foot-print art project I tested out that is really adorable. It’s a bumble bee footprint picture that is perfect for cards and notes because you can write “Hap-Bee” next to it.

Okay, so for this project, you need yellow and black paint, a paint brush, paper, and a hard, flat surface like a book or clipboard. You don’t need much paint, unless you are planning to do a ton of prints. 1/4 of a medicine cup is more than enough (especially if the foot in question is an infant). Gently take the bottom of the foot and paint stripes of alternating black and yellow, starting with the toes and working to the heel. When I did mine I forgot that the heel is the bee’s head and the toes are the bottom. In retrospect, the toes should have been black, but it looks fine the way I did it.

Once the foot is painted, gently press the foot again a piece of paper. Use the clipboard or book to keep the paper steady and braced. I recommend using something small and light to give you more control of the paper. When you press the foot down, start with the heel and have the foot role through the paper. This makes it easier for each toe to have it’s own little imprint. I recommend doing a few prints so you can pick the best one. Touch up the paint on the foot as needed so the prints come out strong. Let the prints dry, then you can either cut them out and put them on a cute card, or just write on the page with the prints itself. And you are all done!


Other than it being a cute craft, why is it important for child life specialists? It’s a great way to build legacy. I know I’ve talked about legacy building projects in the past, but for those of you who are new, legacy building is something we do in the hospital to help remind and validate the kids and families experiences when they are at the hospital. It also marks milestones that are sometimes forgotten when your child is in the hospital.

Legacy crafts can be anything, but hand prints and footprints are often what you first thing of. And there are so many different things you can turn them into! Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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