Just Keep Swimming!

Hi friends! Who is ready for the Olympics? I am! I love it when countries all over the world get together to celebrate for any reason. While I will admit that I don’t watch all of the Olympic events (technically that’s very difficult since there is always more than one event going on), I do enjoy seeing who is breaking what record, what kind of fun performances the competitors are giving, and of course the awesome opening and closing ceremonies. My personal summer favorites are synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics, though I also like to watch diving as well.

When I was younger I was really into Kristy Yamaguchi and I have a few posters of Olympic medalists on my wall, but I never thought I would get to meet anyone as famous as an Olympic athlete. Imagine my surprise when I learned that not only was the US Olympic Swim Team training here in town, but that they wanted to come visit the children at the hospital!

It was awesome to have the some of the swimmers and their coaches come and meet our patients. Before going onto the units I spoke with the swimmers about how much the families appreciated the visit and I was pleasantly surprised about how excited the swimmers themselves were about meeting the families. It was really great to see how open and giving these busy athletes were with their precious time. The kids, parents, and even staff lit up when they saw these tall (yes, I was surprised to learn that many swimmers are tall!) men and women enter the room. I have to say I was very impressed with their humility. I learned about half way through the experience that a few of them have competed in past Olympics and there was at least one or two of them that had received a medal. But you wouldn’t have known it by the way they acted. They chatted, laughed, and played with the kids, teens and families in their hospital rooms, always focusing on the patient. By giving just a little bit of acknowledgement and support to these families, there was a little ray of sunshine that brightened the whole day of many people. It was really wonderful to see the kindness that spread during that short hour.

I am so grateful for the athletes and their coaches who took the time to visit our patients and families. I wish them all the best on their trip to Rio in a few weeks! Go Team USA!!!13645220_1025093850920841_3152873305300969419_n

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