Let’s CHAT


Recently I was privileged  to present at the Children’s Hospital Association of Texas’s Nursing Conference. It was so exciting to be able to talk again about our nitrous oxide program at our hospital, but I was totally blown away by the sessions I got to attend as well. Even though the conference was geared towards continuing education for nurses, there were so great presentations that anyone in healthcare could benefit from, regardless of field. I learned about the latest advances in sedation, tips for dealing with burnout, and recognizing types of trauma, to name a few. It was really awesome to see things from the perspective of nursing and I definitely have a better understanding of not only my nursing coworkers, but how we can work together. I definitely recommend if you are a child life specialist to not forget about what other disciplines can teach you!

Even more of a surprise was how much people liked my own presentation. It turns out that the poster presentations were all rated and I got great reviews!! It was really an honor to be able to present and I’m so glad that people found it helpful!


I can’t wait to see what will be my next project!!!

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