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As Child Life Month comes to a close, I wanted to share this wonderful post from “A Little Bit Of Coffee and A Whole Lot Of Jesus”. It’s true that I am mistaken for many different things and often have to explain my job, but I still love it! And yes, it’s sometimes fun to have 5 minutes of being the “doctor”!

Coffee. Jesus. Ramble. Repeat.

I’m told by your nurse that you need child life in your room ASAP. I pull back the curtain to see you’re bounding with excitement as you hand me the heart bracelet you spent time crafting for me on your bedside table.

“You are the coolest kind of nurse I’ve EVER met!!!!!”

We’d spent a lot of time together so far tonight in the ER, but you clearly still hadn’t quite grasped the “child life specialist” concept. I accepted the compliments, but patiently explained again how my job is different from the nurses and doctors. Your reply?
“Oh… well then THAT’S what I’m going to be when I grow up” I couldn’t help but smile at the lack of hesitancy on that one!

Later that night, in a different room:

“You are such a silly doctor… I LOVE YOU!” We’d only spent 10 minutes together while we waited for your…

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