Thank you for Easter Baskets, Chocolate, and Everyone!!!

Happy Easter everyone!!! I hope that you all have had some wonderful sweet or even savory treat, surrounded by people who love you. I personally enjoyed some chocolate and sweet potatoes while hanging out with my roommate and her family, along with my sister, since my own family is far away. (I had other food of course, but the chocolate and sweet potatoes were my favorite!)

I know that I haven’t posted an activity lately, but things have been super busy with work. I do have an activity today, though I can’t claim to have made it myself. Even so, I thought it would be nice to share it with you! My mother decided that she would sew Easter baskets for me and my sister during her spring break to de-stress. They were so cute and it reminded me that sewing is a great therapeutic activity for some people. I personally made a pillow a few years ago as a way to de-stress during grad school. And sewing can be part of legacy building as well. (Just like the pillow reminds me I made it through grad school!)


Isn’t it so cute!!!! Thanks mom!!!

Since this is Easter I know many people are off. But we often forget that there are many more people that have to work on Easter. Of course, there are patients in the hospitals and someone must take care of them. But then there are many establishments that are open on holidays to make life easier for those people who are off, like restaurants and stores. I was walking this morning around our neighborhood and it was interesting to see who was open and who was closed. I think it’s important to thank those people who gave up their holiday to provide service to others. And thank the establishments that decided to be closed and allow all employees the day off. So I want to publicly thank the places I passed today.

Honey Baked Ham
Zoe’s Kitchen
Pet Works
Lash Studio
Palm Beach Tan
Stein Mart
Massage Heights
Waxing the City
The Crescent
Thank you for allowing your employees the day off!!!

DaVi Nails
Torchie Tacos
H&R Block
Thank you to the employees who gave up their Easter to work!!!

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