Staving Off Compassion Fatigue

If you are working in any helping profession you know that it is very important to guard against compassion fatigue. Those who are in the child life field know that it’s incredibly important. The reality is that the job of a child life specialist can be very emotionally difficult. You are often asked to come into a situation that is emotionally charged (for whatever reason) and figure out a way to defuse the ticking time bomb, contain and disperse the already exploding bomb, or put the pieces back together of the bomb aftermath. I have to keep in mind that the burn-out rate in child life is high and find ways to prevent compassion fatigue. Sometimes this can be hard when life today is about going non-stop. I wanted to share this article I read about how to maintain your supplies of compassion. You can read it by clicking here or pasting the URL in your address bar!

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