The Power of Halloween

IMG_2611So yesterday was Halloween and once again I was amazed at the creativity that goes into the holiday. I saw not only some pretty awesome costumes (cardboard army tank, anyone?) but some really cool decorations. While it’s often marketed as a holiday for the kids, adults definitely have fun too on Halloween. For example, my coworker loves Pokémon Go, and she strutted her stuff! Halloween can definitely be a great outlet of self-expression, which is very therapeutic! This is apparent in child life programs across the country, because each one does something fun for the kids on Halloween. Whether it’s a Halloween parade, doing reverse trick or treating (that’s when the people handing out candy go to the patients instead of the other way around), or a party, children reap the creative and expressive benefits of Halloween while at the hospital.


It’s also really cool to see a group of people get together to create something for Halloween. We had a decorating contest at work and there was some really awesome teamwork going on. I saw a Seuss town spring up, as well as an emoji unit. And every year there is an office that does a big pumpkin decorating contest. This time my favorite was an epic Moana-themed pumpkin. It literally towered over the competition!

Halloween is a great opportunity to get the creative juices flowing. Even I had fun creating a costume and indulging in a little sparkle! By expressing yourself, you get to show off something you are passionate about. And if you made your own costume,IMG_2608 you can be proud of something that you created yourself! I will admit, I really wanted an excuse to wear a tutu and put stickers on my face. So I did! I had forgotten how much fun it was to dress up as a ballerina or a princess when I was a kid. What started out as a snowflake costume turned into a trip down memory lane for me! It reminded me that Halloween is a great time to work on legacy building and memory making! This is definitely an important yearly event for many people and we should give families a chance to participate, even while at the hospital.

What about you? Do you have any fun stories or experiences from Halloween?


Snowflake Ballerina!

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