Special Agent Sarah reporting in!

We had a fun time recently hosting a secret agent activity for our patients and families. My coworker came up with the idea as well as the activities, and I along with my pod helped her put the event on. It was lots of fun and I thought it would be cool to share it with you!

IMG_2506         IMG_2507

The kids had to “scan their hands” in order to get inside. The scanner was actually just the automatic door opener button, but it was still fun to pretend!

IMG_2499 IMG_2505
After the were able to make it into the secret base, they had to fill out a background check, complete with finger prints. The kids were really excited about how real it felt. They were each then given a secret assignment, which was to complete all three missions in order to win a prize. They made shields, tried out the photo booth and played pin the disguise on the criminal!

IMG_2502 IMG_2504 IMG_2503

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