Happy Child Life Month!

It’s March, which means it’s time to celebrate Child Life Month! So if you know a child life specialist, let her or him know how much you appreciate them. And if you are a child life specialist, assistant, student, or in any other way are associated with the field, pat yourself on the back, because you rock!!!Time for your check up!

At our hospital we kicked off Child Life Month with a huge a Teddy Bear Clinic! We invited a bunch of different departments to participate and we had quite the event! Each child got a teddy bear and took them on a trip to the hospital. Every teddy was checked in and assessed, where the kids diagnosed what was wrong with the teddy. Then the kids decided where the teddy needed to go to get better. The teddy and the child could visit radiology, the lab, surgery, recovery, physical therapy, and respiratory therapy just to name a few. It was really cool to see the different choices kids made about how to treat their teddy bears. Some kids wanted to try everything while others chose to say no to some of the different activities. This is so important because kids don’t get many choices while in the hospital. So to be able to say “no” is very therapeutic.

Not only is choice important for these kids, but the teddy bears will also serve as a way to validate that they were in the hospital. The kids are able to view the hospital as not just a scary place but also something that they overcame. For example, above is pictured a teddy in a nurses outfit. I got this teddy when I had surgery as a child. My teddy got surgery just like me and it definitely holds a special place in my heart, even many years later. In the other picture is Clifford, who was given to me when I was in the hospital as a teen. As you can see, even a teen can be impacted by a stuffed animal! So thank you to everyone who has ever donated a stuffed animal!

Have you ever participated in a Teddy Bear Clinic? What did you think? Interested in hosting your own clinic and have questions? Write a comment below!

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