Re-designing The “Hospital PJs”

I wanted to share with you a super cool therapeutic activity idea for the kids. Everyone knows the infamous outfit that patients must often wear in the hospital. While the typical hospital gown does come in multiple sizes and patterns for pediatric patients, there is still much left to be desired. I have to admit that I’ve met multiple small children who have voiced their discontent over having to trade their favorite Batman or Elsa PJs for the unfamiliar fabric and shape of the pediatric gowns. Since one way that we help kids overcome their disappointment is to give a little bit of control back to them, this activity is a great example. In fact, Starlight Children’s Foundation just recently had a competition where everyone was invited to  design a gown. While the submission deadline is over, the voting for final design that will be created and distributed to hospitals around the country will happen soon. So I highly encourage everyone to go vote. You can check out more information here:

I decided to get a little creative and make my own design. I used my computer’s Paint 3D program for fun and here is the finished product:

Hospital Gown

It was really hard to come up with a theme because there was so much to choose from! f you would like to do this yourself or do it as an activity with patients, you can create your own template, or right now you can download the template used by the Starlight Children’s Foundation. I like that there is a front and back on the Starlight Children’s Foundation template. Try it out and see what you find!

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