Saturday Toy Shopping – Doctor Barbie

So we probably can agree that there is a Barbie doll for every career, or pretty close to every career. If anyone watches the Barbie Life In The Dream House show, they actually mention Barbie’s many careers. Therefore, Barbie should have been a doctor at some point, right? Of course, but she looks a bit different from when she was a doctor in the 90’s. While at Walmart I found a “Baby Doctor Barbie”. I found it interesting how Barbie is a specialty doctor, it made me wonder if there is a generic Barbie Doctor you can get. I do remember owning a “Dentist Barbie” complete with dentist chair and sound effects. While this may seem silly to have Barbie in so many roles, it really emphasizes how important it is for kids to engage in role play. My dentist Barbie not only was fun to play with, it helped me process my own experiences at the dentist office and also allowed me to entertain the idea of going into dentistry myself. I did in fact got through a phase where I wanted to be a dentist. Thanks to my Barbie doll, my doctor kit, various other toys and a vivid imagination, I engaged in lots of free play where I could be anything I wanted to be.

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