Answer The Call and Seize The Day!

Recently I went to the local theatre’s production of Disney’s Newsies. I had grown up watching the original movie and had seen the broadway version that was videotaped for the movie theaters. It’s a great story and as I was sitting and watching the production I thought about how similar it is to what child life specialists do. Of course I hope that I never have to go on strike, but child life specialists are often having to step up for the “little guy” if you pardon the terminology. We are constantly working as advocates for our patients and families from the little tiny babies who don’t have a voice to the parents who do have a voice but aren’t sure how to use it.

There are so many good lines in this show (plus some very funny banter between…well everyone) that after seeing the show the lines were running through my head as I went to work the next day. I had “seize the day” playing in my head as I drove to work and I had “answer the call” coming to me whenever I got a consult. And one of my favorite lines was “The things we do today will be tomorrow’s news” because it reminds me that in the hospital you may not see results instantly but give it a few hours or days and there is a change for the better. My favorite example might be when I work with a child who is really struggling and I’m not sure if what I am doing will make a difference. But suddenly a few days or maybe weeks later the child has overcome their struggle and become stronger, which to me is the best news!

If you’ve never seen Newsies or haven’t seen the broadway adaptation, you can check out a videoclip of it here!

By the way, can I just point out how awesome it is to see a group of boys doing an amazingly athletic job dancing? Whoever said that musical theater is just for girls hasn’t seen Newsies!

One thought on “Answer The Call and Seize The Day!

  1. Newsies- one of the unique thing about Newsies is how it is mostly males. The dance is mind-blowing in this musical. The bond found between the Newsies is unique. I love the bond that Jack and Crutchie have. The story is quite inspiring. The score is energetic and at times emotional

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