Spooky Spider Toss

This week’s therapeutic activity I can’t take credit for, but I wanted to share it because I loved the idea. In the spirit of Halloween the interns came up with a fun Halloween party for the kids at the hospital. They had lots of activities, but one stood out because it was a really cool idea. I’m calling it Spider Toss, but you can call it whatever you want.


All you need is some fake spider webs (the cotton based ones work great), some string, and some little plastic spiders. Put up the false spider webs so it hangs down like a drape. Then tie different sized circles with the string and put the string circles up on the spider webs, creating targets. You’re now ready to play! Designate a line that people stand behind to throw the spiders at the targets.


I got one in the target!

It’s hard than it looks because the spiders are so light. Try it out and see what you think! Have any cool Halloween activities? Share them in the comments below!

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