Happy Halloween From Toys Everywhere!

Today is one of the craziest days of the year for a Children’s Hospital. Halloween, a day where everyone has the chance to be something else and also get sweets. At my hospital many people dressed up and the unit I worked on did a theme, which was Pixar. I had lots of fun getting to dress up with my fellow coworkers!

Bonnie found her Buzz Lightyear Toy!

I also got to meet R2D2. He was much bigger than I expected! I will admit I sort of wished I had worn my Rey costume, but I at least got to take a photo with him!

I found R2D2!!!!

I really like the holidays because it gives the kids and families something totally different and fun to do. This may seem kind of weird in the hospital, but sometimes doing something extra ordinary can make being sick just a little bit easier. I actually got to see this in action with some of my kids and I explained to the special visitors who were in costume how even just a smile and a wave could brighten a kid’s day. (And sometimes a parent’s day. They need cheering up too.) So to every who donated time or treasure towards a Halloween event at a hospital, thank you very much!

Thanks for all you do!

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