Boots, Bubbles, and Big Ideas… at the Texas Child Life Conference

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to participate in the 2nd Annual Texas Child Life Conference hosted by the Texas Association of Child Life Professionals (TACLP). This year it took place at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth. As the webmaster of TACLP I did spend some of my time behind the scenes, but thankfully most of my work was the website promotion before the conference so I was able to enjoy a good portion of the conference.

I did present a session though so I have to admit I was a bit nervous. But I think people found my topic interesting (Sedation Assessments from a Child Life Perspective). People asked quite a few questions during my session and everyone looked very thoughtful while I was talking.

I got a yummy treat as a thank you for presenting!

The sessions I attended were all very good with lots of food for thought. I took many notes and I’m still sorting through them. There was a great session of de-escalation, quite a few different ones about play, and probably my favorite, the closing session led by two amazing Hospital Clowns. Plus I got a tour of Cook Children’s and it was really cool to see all their spaces. I especially liked their Child Life Zone. Since it was close to Halloween they were turning it into a haunted house where the patients get to scare the adults!

Everyone got some pretty awesome things in their swag bags!

Since there was so many good things at conference, I hope to do multiple posts talking about what I learned and perhaps encouraging some conversations. Did anyone else attend conference? What did you think? Anything that stood out to you? Share in the comment section below!

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