I Spy… a Specimen Cup?

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share with you a new medical art activity that can double as a coping tool! Have you ever since those I Spy cylinders that are full of little objects for you to find as you turn it? The ones you can buy at the store are cool of course, but you can totally make them yourselves. Here at the hospital m we got a little creative with the container!

Behold the specimen cup! More than just a container to hold urine! (Though if you are a CLS, you already knew this! I’ve used urine cups to store paint and silly putty, but this idea came when we were trying to come up with activities for our teddy bear clinic. Of course we also did bandaid bugs, but I’ve already posted about that tried and true activity.

Okay, so what do you need for this activity? Specimen cups, along with rice and any small items that would be fun to find in the rice. We used little foam stickers, google eyes, puff balls, feathers, and fuse beads.

The steps are simple. Full the cup up about halfway with rice. Next choose your items you want to “spy” and put those in the cup. Finally pour in a bit more rice and screw the lid on. I would recommend not filling the cup up completely to allow the items to easily shift when turning the cup. If you like you can hot glue the lid on if you are worried little hands will make a mess!

And there is your finished product! Have you ever done anything similar? I love that this can be used to help redirect focus during a procedure or just give kids something to for a little while. If you’ve done this before, what worked or didn’t work? Leave a comment below!

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