My Top 3 Challenge

A few weeks ago I decided to challenge myself to a gratitude project. I have read a lot about taking time each day to write three grateful thoughts can help with positive coping and resilience to stress. I must admit that it’s hard for me to remember to journal each day, so I decided to try documenting my gratitudes through photographs. Each day I took pictures and videos of things I was grateful for and posted them on social media as a way to keep me accountable. It was definitely an interesting experience. Sometimes I struggled with finding something, especially if I forgot to take a photo. But it was really need to go back through my photo albums and remember some really wonderful and yet often simple moments. After I was done I was trying to decide what I would do with the photos, so I decided to make them into a video. You can check it out here:

Have you ever tried a gratitude challenge? What did you find helpful? Post below to continue to conversation!

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