Child Life Services

Have you heard the news? I have taken another step towards providing child life services to the community through a child life practice! You can check out the official website for Thriving Play Child Life Services at I will say that creating this website has been harder than I thought. It’s easy for me […]

Pain Control Is Real!

I wanted to share with you all a story recently published in the New York Times about how pain control is becoming more and more important in pediatric medicine. It wasn’t too long ago when holding children down and just “getting it done” was the common thought process for painful procedure. But more and more […]

Boots, Bubbles, and Big Ideas… at the Texas Child Life Conference

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to participate in the 2nd Annual Texas Child Life Conference hosted by the Texas Association of Child Life Professionals (TACLP). This year it took place at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth. As the webmaster of TACLP I did spend some of my time behind the scenes, […]

Child Life Theory: Scaffolding

Today I came across an interesting article about scaffolding in early childhood education. It talks about how scaffolding is something people use every day without always realizing it, as well as giving some specific examples of why it’s important to use the appropriate level of scaffolding for each child. You can read the article in […]

Leaders in the making at the Juvenile Arthritis Conference

Just recently I was given the privilege to work with the amazing kids and teens at not just one but both Juvenile Arthritis Conferences that took place on opposite sides of the country (though not at the exact same time of course!) While I was at the conference taking place in Bellevue, Washington I took […]

Train Analogy in Child Life

Today I came across a very interesting article from the blog Pick Any Two that talks about “The Train Analogy”. You can read the article in full here. But in a nut shell, the author talks about how when we feel highly negative emotions (for example, feeling very scared, anxious, angry, or so forth) it […]

To Sleep or Not To Sleep?

Happy Wednesday!!! I have to admit, I have a love-hate relationship with the idea of Wednesday being “hump” day. On the one hand, I’m super excited that I’ve made it half-way through a week, on the other hand, I sometimes get tired thinking that I still have a few¬† more days to go before the […]

Coping with Harvey, Irma, And Other Storms

Houston is working diligently to put the city back together after Harvey while Irma has her turn to take on the human race. It’s very easy to focus on the simple things: getting food, water, and shelter to those who need to, and don’t get me wrong, these are very important goals. But it’s also […]