Saturday Toy Shopping – Doctor Barbie

So we probably can agree that there is a Barbie doll for every career, or pretty close to every career. If anyone watches the Barbie Life In The Dream House show, they actually mention Barbie’s many careers. Therefore, Barbie should have been a doctor at some point, right? Of course, but she looks a bit […]

App-tastic Support: Number 1

So believe it or not, I’ve shared all the toys I carry around in my bag. If you think that’s not much, you’re right. My bag is actually quite small because it’s meant to fit just one thing: my tablet. But because I feel that there are lots of wonderful ways to provide support to […]

Ella – a friend of Barbie

I wanted to share a post from Adventures in Child Life that I came across a bit ago. Did you know that Barbie has a friend named Ella who is going through chemotherapy? The Ella doll is for kids in the hospital who are experiencing hair loss. This doll helps kids express what they are […]

Immerse Yourself in the Adventure

Ever since I started this blog I wanted to include some reviews on products that you can use as therapeutic activities. This week I’ll finally start showcasing some of the products I’ve used in my work. But first off, I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine: The Kinect. I discovered this little […]

Medikin puts a child-friendly spin on preparation

If you’re new to child life or the experiences of pediatric hospitalization, you may not have met the Medikin doll. I was personally introduced to the Medikin doll a year ago, though Medikin has been around for over 15 years. The reason it’s the star of this week’s topic is because I was doing research […]

Medical Game App Review: Toca Doctor

Here’s a great app for your iPhone, iTouch, or Ipad that lets kids be the doctor or nurse. Players can perform many different simple procedures such as putting eye drops in an itchy eye or cleaning up a cut and putting on a band aid. There is one or two odd activities, for example, putting […]

New “Superformula” helping kids with cancer

Check this out! Children’s Cancer Center Rebrands Chemotherapy As “Superformula”. This cancer center has taken a new approach on chemotherapy. Kids get to read comic books of their favorite superheros having to take special superhero medicine or “Superformula” What an awesome idea! Definitely has therapeutic benefits!