Spooky Spider Toss

This week’s therapeutic activity I can’t take credit for, but I wanted to share it because I loved the idea. In the spirit of Halloween the interns came up with a fun Halloween party for the kids at the hospital. They had lots of activities, but one stood out because it was a really cool […]

Animal Body Movements

Today I’ve got another great movement activity for you to do with a group of participants! I learned this activity at a theater convention a few years ago but I think that it works nicely as a way to get a group up and moving, especially as a warm up. This is a perfect activity […]

Exploding Atoms

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about a movement-based activity so I wanted to share this little piece. It’s a fairly simple game and while it’s important not to do it for too long, it’s a great way to get individuals moving and interacting with one another. Which means that yes, this activity is for […]

Baby Shake, Sing, and Move!

For all you baby lovers out there, here’s another post focusing on therapeutic activities you can do with your infant and toddler! Today we’re talking about the rattle. I have yet to meet a baby who doesn’t like rattles. They’re mesmerized by the toy and often smile or giggle at the sounds. Even better, when […]

Dance Party

It’s dance party time for all you readers out there. Sometimes it’s great to just get together and break down some moves on the dance floor. The key to this activity is keeping things fun and lighthearted. If you want, you can go all out and have decorations and costumes, often times it’s fun if […]

Shadow Dance

This week’s therapeutic activity originates from one of my favorite things to do: Dance. Which I know can sometimes be an activity that people shy away from, often claiming that they can’t dance, or that they’re not good enough. Well, here is one of my solutions. Even for myself, it’s sometimes embarrassing to watch my […]

Bubbles bubbles everywhere!

Bubbles are often my partners in crime… in a good way. They are great at promoting stress and anxiety reduction, not to mention, so much fun! So since this is my first post on therapeutic activities and bubbles are one of the go-to tools of a child life specialist, I’ve decided to give them the […]