Singing to Fight Childhood Cancer

This month is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and at work there has been many different events happening to raise awareness. Most recently we did a lip sync battle that I had the pleasure of participating in. There many different groups performing fun 1 minute versions of popular songs and the kids judged using emojis. It […]

The Train And The Flea

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post on therapeutic activities for infants, so I wanted to share with you two of my favorite games to play with the little ones. I like these two games because you are exposing the baby to language as well as positive touch. Generally I sing these two games […]

Baby Shake, Sing, and Move!

For all you baby lovers out there, here’s another post focusing on therapeutic activities you can do with your infant and toddler! Today we’re talking about the rattle. I have yet to meet a baby who doesn’t like rattles. They’re mesmerized by the toy and often smile or giggle at the sounds. Even better, when […]

Musical Slideshow

Due to the fact that I am studying for the child life certification exam tomorrow, this week’s therapeutic activity post is going to be short and sweet. The example I’ll be sharing is something that I completed a few years back for a school project, but I believe that it will still give you an […]

Playlist Pick-Me-Up

Hey there, sorry this post is a day late in coming, things have been crazy non-stop busy! But in a way, this activity might be a great thing for crazy busy days. Today the activity itself is fairly simple, but the benefits should last for quite some time. Music is a great tool to help […]